Danish Fiction 

I translate novels, short stories, film manuscripts.

Living in Denmark, I have acquired a deep understanding of the Danish society and culture, and can develop a close collaboration with the authors I translate. I participate in meetings with writers, painters and other artists. If you are a Danish publisher or producer, please contact me if you wish to present your project in France.

Books translated.

Lotte Hammer & Søren Hammer, 2013. Le cercle des coeurs solitaires, 429 pages,

Actes Sud, Paris.

The third novel written by these two internationally known Danish novelists. This very interesting novel was published in France in november 2013.

Read an excerpt on the site of the Publisher: Actes Sud


Lotte Hammer & Søren Hammer, 2012. Le prix à payer, Actes Sud, Paris.

The second novel written by the two Danish writers.

Read more on the site of the publisher: Actes Sud


Lotte Hammer & Søren Hammer, 2011.

Fatales: "Un ange en Jimmy Choo", short story written by brother and sister Lotte and Søren Hammer.

Actes noirs/ELLE, 2011.



Feel free to CONTACTme if you wish to translate Danish fiction/non fiction into French.