Doing Business in France

With a strong background in consulting and 20 years in the sector, both in France and in Denmark, I can propose you a qualified collaboration in the fields of marketing & communication, two strategic factors when it comes to your development on the French market.

Please note we have special skills and expertise in the fields of agriculture and agroindustry and can accompany you and help you develop your strategy and your projects.

Your needs.

How can we help you develop the right answers?



with the French Administration? 

Dialogue with the French Administration

  • I can help you contact government departments or other public agencies when you meet special challenges or have to handle complex subjects.


Monitor Customer Satisfaction?


Customer satisfaction survey

  • We check your customers satisfaction, needs and expectations and the relevance of your products and services. 
  • We have made surveys for a large number of French companies, both in Paris, in other French regions and in several European countries.
  • We use our own process and methods, which have been recognized for their quality and relevance by our clients.

Benefits for You .

Time and Money saving . Personal advice . Access to our network in France . Expert in business communication . Partner who knows your organization well